Cesano x Cesano

Cesano da tutto il Mondo unitevi!

How was this blog “BORN”?

Are you a Cesano too?


Are you interested in the origins of your surname, in the places where your roots lie and in the genealogy of your family?

Perhaps you are interested in meeting other Cesanos at a “grand” reunion that could be organised. If this is the case then this blog should be of interest to you.

I’ll introduce myself: my name is Giancarlo Cesano, Ginca for my friends,  I live in Vicenza, I am retired and in recent years have started to research the places the Cesanos come from (I’ve traced my own family tree back to 1740).

I remembered my grandfather telling me that our origins were in the Val Maira and when I started my research I was convinced that all the Cesanos came from there but I discovered that there are many other Cesanos fromthe Pinerolo area and the Valle Po, but also , to my surprise, from Lecce, San Pietro Vernotico/Brindisi and from Irsina /Matera and no branch appears to have links with the others. Cesano is our common surname but how did the name itself originate?

In Italy we total about 300/350 but if we continued to search ( this is where I need help) we’d probably find that there are atleast as many scattered around the USA, France and Argentina.

In July 2011  I finally visited my grandparents’ birthplace ( they were labourers who emigrated to France at the end of the  19th century and returned to Italy some years later). San Michele di Prazzo is in the Val Maira at an altitude of 1400 metres. The experience was both interesting and poignant. The other Cesanos I met there ( by now there are no family links) greeted me with great cordiality and warmth and it was there  that the idea of organising  a grand reunion of all the Cesanos, whatever their geographical location, came into being.

Reuniting such a large and diverse group of people is a quite a  challenge , to succeed I need others to give me a hand which is why I’m asking you to  help by putting me in touch with other Cesanos as your contribution to the organisation of the reunion which I  have a feeling will be great fun and very stimulating.

In the meantime why not start by using the blog and telling your own “Cesano story”